Borderlands 2 – PS Vita

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Not a review yet but I picked up Borderlands 2 for the Vita. A friend and I are planning on playing through together so if I do get around to writing a review it will be from more of a multi-player standpoint.

From the small time I’ve spent so far (which is only creating my character), I have to say it runs smoother than I was expecting. But, we’ll see if that holds up once more is happening on the screen.

Borderlands 2 - PSVita

Borderlands 2 – PSVita


Review: The Last of Us

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I’m sitting here, thinking of what to say and as I mentally go over the experience I had with this game that’s all I really can do…sit and think. And that isn’t a bad thing.

Rarely do I find a game that makes me really get emotional. The last time a game had this affect on me was Mass Effect 3. No matter what others thought of the game, I enjoyed the hell out of it on a game play level but as for the feel of the game, the guilt was overwhelming. I’d never had a game move me so deeply. I felt the overwhelming sense of wrongness in harvesting little sisters in Bioshock (which I never could do). ME3’s guilt was on a much larger scale. I wiped out whole civilizations and the build up to it was told so well that I honestly felt like scum doing it. That to me, makes a damn fine game.

The Last of Us had me on such an emotional spectrum, from hour to hour I couldn’t tell you how I felt. I’m sure enough time has gone by that even if I went through each situation it wouldn’t be considered a spoiler but honestly, I don’t want to relive it right now. I will eventually go back through it to get some stuff I missed but that won’t be for a long time yet. The game manages to convey isolation and loneliness better than Fallout 3 ever did. I felt powerful in FO3. TLOU just made me feel inadequate no matter how well equipped I was. Handling was perfect and I never felt that Ellie was a bother or “tag along.” It honestly felt like I was walking thorough a wasteland with a companion. And knowing what I do of the story, sometimes having her there made my mood worse.

Which comes to why I love this game so much: the characters. I don’t know how Naughty Dog intended for us to feel about any of the people you meet and/or play through the game but for the two main protagonists, it was love/hate on a play by play basis. One sit through I loved Joel for his overwhelming protectiveness for Ellie and the next I hated the guy for the decisions he (I) had to make. The same went for Ellie. While my hate for her didn’t nearly spike as often as it did for Joel, she had her moments. I couldn’t help but connect with how she handled herself, though. I’m sure that has something to do with my own history but again, that’s what made this game so profound. I had to play it in fits and starts. Sometimes breaking down and staying away for weeks at a time. Some may not prefer that, but to me, that’s what makes video games so special. I’m an active participant in this cluster fuck and there’s really nothing I can do if I want to get out of it short of quitting and since games make me so involved, I really feel like I should tough it out (if it isn’t riddled with bugs, that is).

I’d definitely recommend this game to anyone with a PS3 and I’d go so far as to say if you don’t have a PS3, this is a game that’s a good enough reason to buy one.

Kudos, Naughty Dog. You did it again.

Are you kidding me, Sony?!

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I just happen to catch this little tidbit of gaming news. I’ll put a bit of the article as a summary:

A Sony patent has appeared online showing a advertising method that will interrupt your game in the most invasive way possible.

It’s a small article but if you check some of the patent info, essentially you could be in the middle of a game and it will pause automatically and show you an ad and after the ad, un-pause your game. I can’t even find the words for something this stupid. I’m not a Sony fan. They disappointed me with the PS3 from the get go (lots of technical issues they should have foreseen but that’s old news). I’ve recently had a few good experiences on the thing and while I still think the 360 is far better, it doesn’t seem like the lump of a DVD player we were using it as.

But this…this will have me never buying/playing another Sony product again. And I am totally addicted to the Uncharted series. Who in their right mind thinks this won’t piss off every single gamer out there? Why this wasn’t shot down at the table, I don’t know.

I was hoping Sony was done with making stupid decisions (locking an account to a Vita, locking the games to a Vita) but wow.


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